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Hello & Welcome to my online Gallery! My name is Soori & I love to paint & create!  



As far back as I can remember, creative activities such as drawing, painting, making collages, makets, school news papers, booklets, writing plays, poetry and stories as well as acting, singing and performing was how I spent the days of my childhood. Years later, when it was time to choose my college major and future career path, after much self-reflection, I decided to continue on the path that had come so naturally to me as a child, and study Art but this time in the form of Graphic Design. 

Graphic Design has been a major part of my life in the past years, however painting and drawing has its own powerful hold on me! These days any free moment that I find, is spent dabbling in paints and inks and getting lost in the stories that are there to be told on the canvases and surfaces. I find many different mediums well suited for me but there are many more on my list, to be learnt and experimented with, in the near future!  Currently most of my work is done in mediums such as acrylics, alcohol inks, mixed-media, acrylic pouring and watercolor. I enjoy each medium immensely and also experiment with mixing and bringing them together on a piece!

My creative process is mostly intuitive, and before starting to paint I try to free myself from any preconceived notions or borrowed mental images, as much as possible. When working on a piece, I strive to lose myself in the creative process and act as an instrument, transferring only what is being purely inspired by the heart on to the surface! 

Painting and creating brings me much joy, a sense of liberation and expansiveness. My hope is to be able to sincerely express these healing gifts of joy in my work, so they may also transfer their joyous essence to the viewers heart. 



Most artworks can be purchased as original work, or prints. I also accept commissions and new orders. Please contact me directly for more information.


P.O. Box 3729

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Tel: 619-866-8808

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